Women's Christian Podcast

Navigating Success: Your Prayer for God’s Direction – Ep 259

You’ve reached great heights in your own strength, but how is navigating success different as a Christian woman?  Do you ever wonder why your personal map doesn’t seem to match God’s? Or why our Great Positioning Shepherd (GPS) seems to be recalculating away from the best laid plans you made? It’s why navigating success by […]

Impact of Wounded Decision-Making: Athena Dean Holtz 258

Ever made some decisions that had negative impact? Might that have been wounded decision-making? This may be a new term for you, but I trust when you hear Athena Dean Holtz share her story and wisdom in this episode, you’ll have a new level of awareness about the impact of wounded decision-making on your business. […]

Addicted to Jesus & the Climb with Kelley Tyan Ep 257

Do you find yourself addicted to ambition and wonder if it’s possible to be addicted to Jesus at the same time? When you consider that addiction means being physically and mentally dependent on something (or someone) or enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing, person or activity, I believe you can be BOTH/AND…and my guest Kelley […]

Hold Your Position: Trusting God to Lead Your Business

“Boat 1 hold your position. Boat 3 hold your position. WE HAVE ALIGNMENT!”   The buzzer buzzed loudly, and the race was underway! This past weekend was the annual Dragon Boat Festival in our town – a major fundraiser for End Hunger in Calvert County. If you’ve never witnessed a dragon boat race, picture a […]

Success Without Social Media with guest Robyn Graham Ep 256

In today’s online world, it may seem like success without social media is impossible.   Feeling like you have to be everywhere online, and you’re already over social media? With all the “experts” telling you about algorithms, do you wonder if it’s possible to be successful WITHOUT social media? As part of my Harmony of […]

Finding Harmony: Balancing Ambition+Faith – Ep 255

I believe the word “balance” is overused and inaccurate when it comes to keeping various areas of our life and business working together. Instead I use the word “harmony,” an idea I borrowed from a friend. So what does it look like for ambition and faith to work in harmony for high-achieving sisters in Christ […]

Top Christian Leadership Books for High-Achieving Women – 254

They say “leaders are readers,” so what’s on your must-read Christian leadership bookshelf?   In this episode, I’m sharing my list of the top must-read Christian leadership books for high-achieving sisters in Christ. Whether you’re in business or a professional role, these are fantastic additions to your shelf (in addition to the Bible of course). […]

Three Lessons from Going Off-the-Grid – Ep 252

Have you ever completely shut down, gone “off the grid” and deleted social media from your phone? I did this while on retreat in Costa Rica, and I learned three big lessons I’m sure my fellow high-achievers will appreciate! 1. Shutting down is a challenge, and a lesson in overachievement 2. Silence is golden – […]

The Power of Resting Off the Grid: Three Lessons Learned

Have you ever completely shut down and gone “off the grid” for some time?   Maybe you went on a vacation and left social media apps on your phone, but you really worked hard not to click on them. You were intentional to not pick up your phone and post a picture or see what […]