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Redefining Type A From Achiever to Amen Girl – Episode 239

Have you ever been told that you have a type A personality as an ambitious woman?   Looking back on your life, it probably doesn’t surprise you because you’ve been an achiever (or maybe even a chronic overachiever like me) your whole life.  You probably like to be in control, you like things to be […]

Anchor Your Identity in the Great I AM – Episode 238

Once upon a time, I defined myself – anchored my identity – in my achievements, roles, titles, bank account, etc.   When I lost my high level job, my identity took a major hit. When my inward fulfillment and contentment didn’t match my outward success, my identity was “I’m not doing enough / what am […]

How To Be Content in Every Season – Episode 237

After a recent keynote speaking engagement, an attendee approached me with this question: “How do I remain content in the pruning and growth seasons of my business?”   She related her story of great outward success by every measure, then realizing her next level growth required surrender to let her true CEO (Jesus) lead. Now […]

How to Know Your Worth & Communicate Value – Ep 236

Do you find yourself tying your worth to your pricing and how your clients “accept or reject” what you charge?   Do you struggle with communicating the value of your offers/services? Or do you struggle with charging consistently? These questions have been front and center among the Christian women in business I know, and I […]

The Cure for Exhaustion: Consistency > Constantly – Ep 235

Lately, I’ve been hearing the high-achieving Christian women I serve (and others) talk about extreme exhaustion and the perceived need to be “constantly on” in their businesses. I believe it’s a multi-layered issue that can start to be addressed by understanding how God made us to work and the value of consistency over constantly.   […]

Lost and Found: My Testimony of Salvation – Episode 234

If there were a song for today’s episode about getting lost, being found and my testimony of salvation in Jesus, it would be Amazing Grace: I once was lost, but now I found. Was blind but now I see. In honor of my 56th birthday today, and in gratitude for all our newer listeners, I […]

The Secret of Success is to Go Deep with God – Episode 233

Have you followed influencers in your line of business hoping to find the secret of success? I know I have, and somehow it still eludes me. Yet in my recent conversations with high-achieving sisters in Christ, I’ve heard them talk of exhaustion chasing the “big” things, and that led me to this conclusion: God wants […]

A Special Christmas Message

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