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Running at the Pace of Grace Episode 194 with Rebecca George

As high-achieving women, we’re really good at running our race at OUR pace, but sometimes that leads to a finish line outside of God’s will. How do we instead run at the pace of grace to remain in God’s will as we do the work He’s assigned?


We’re generally not great at giving ourselves grace, much less receiving God’s grace, so running at the pace of grace can feel really foreign to us. And my guest for this episode faces this, and has great wisdom to share with us.


Join me for a conversation with guest Rebecca George, author of the upcoming book: Do the Thing: Gospel-Centered Goals, Gumption, and Grace for the Go-Getter Girl, which launches April 4. As a self-described achiever, who’s struggled with the tension of running at a pace that is healthy. A pace that allows her to use her gifts and talents to the glory of God, but, at a pace that’s sustainable and allows her rest and all of those things. That’s a pace we’d all like to be on, am I right?

Rebecca shares her insights on running at the pace of grace, including:

  • How self-discipline and also grace co-existing by the all-sufficient grace of God
  • How we are finite, yet serve a limitless God whom we can trust, and therefore, we can be faithful with that time and that capacity He’s given us.
  • Cutting through the noisy and deceptive narrative of purpose and calling in today’s world

Most importantly, she shares how her book is about helping women see the Biblical truth of how God’s gifted us, so they don’t have to be held back by the enemy and the world’s noise, and how we use our gifts for His glory and to advance His kingdom.

As Rebecca said about women holding themselves back, “Not on my watch!”

And it’s all about running at the pace of grace!

Rebecca George is an author, speaker, and host of the popular podcast Radical Radiance. Her greatest joy is helping women pursue their passions in a way that builds God’s kingdom. In her free time, she loves running outside or trying a new recipe with Garth Brooks playing in the background.

Connect with Rebecca at:



IG: @rebeccageorgeauthor

TikTok – @rebeccageorgeauthor


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