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Redefining Hustle: Pursuing Success as a Christian Woman

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Ever feel like you’ve had success yet something is still missing?

Ever wonder if it’s possible to be ambitious and let God lead at the same time?

Does “hustle” fuel your adrenaline, but you’re tired of both the world’s frantic definition of hustle and the so-called “anti-hustle” movement?

If you’re ready to redefine hustle and emulate Jesus in your work, then this podcast is for you and your ambition!

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Episodes & Articles

The Power of Resting Off the Grid: Three Lessons Learned

Have you ever completely shut down and gone “off the grid” for some time?   Maybe you went on a vacation and left social media apps on your phone, but you really worked hard not to click on them. You were intentional to not pick up your phone and post a picture or see what […]

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The Christian Entrepreneur Guide: Pursuing Success with God

What is it about being a Christian entrepreneur that makes progress and outcomes different than business as usual?   Pursuing success WITH God! Because this is about surrender, obedience and humility, not the usual way of working in your on strength and power.   Join Erin in this episode for her reading of the 2nd […]

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Success God’s Way for Christian Women – Book Chapter ep 250

As a Christian woman in business, you may often wonder what is success God’s way? How is it different from what you’ve known to be the definition touted by the business world around you? To answer this question is to look deep into God’s definition and pursuing it His way, and Erin does this by reading […]

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Stewardship Over Scarcity – How’s Your Money Focus – Ep 248

Are you a high-achieving, high-earning Christian woman in business or the boardroom who secretly struggles with scarcity when it comes to money? Scarcity is often kept as a secret because admitting it seems like admitting defeat. The triumph, however, is embracing stewardship – of time, talent and treasure – to break free from scarcity thinking!  […]

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Spirit-led Sales for Growth and Stability – Althea McIntyre

As part of my annual Money Matters series, I’m thrilled to welcome guest Althea McIntyre to discuss Spirit-led sales and impacting growth & financial stability in your business. I have learned much from Althea and I love her approach to sales that’s not focused solely on the commas in the revenue, but instead, is about […]

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The Truth About Money For Christian Women – Episode 246

What comes to mind when you think of money? Do you feel the need to chase it, or find yourself thinking that the only way to earn is to work your fingers and mind to the bone? What’s really the truth?   In this kick off to my annual series for Financial Literacy Month, we’re […]

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Christian Business Ethics: A Guide for Christian Women

In today’s fast-paced world, where the lines between personal ambition and ethical conduct can often blur, how do we, as high-achieving Christian women in business and the boardroom, reflect Christ with our business ethics?   Understanding Purpose in Business Purpose is more than just a buzzword; it’s the driving force behind everything we do. As […]

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Work with Purpose: Christian Business Ethics – Ep 245

Business ethics: always a hot topic in society, right? Ever wonder how to work with purpose employing Christian  Edit date and time business ethics for your business? I believe the fruit of the spirit is a perfect foundation for business ethics! Through this gift of the Holy Spirit, we can emulate Jesus in all we […]

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